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  1. The X-Files Video Thread #2: Fan videos, interview videos, plus other videos associated with TXF.
  2. The X-Files Cast and Crew News #11: With the hardest-working cast in the biz, the news is neverending!
  3. The X-Files Fan Creations [Art & Icons] #15: All artwork related to TXF and its cast.
  4. Gillian Anderson Appreciation #28: "If Scully comes across as being a little bit cocky and at the same time green, it's all real."
  5. The X-Files *Season Three* Appreciation Thread #5: "Sure, fine. Whatever." — Scully
  6. David/Gillian Appreciation #20: "There were many times in the series David & Gillian wanted to hold hands or they wanted to kiss." — Frank Spotnitz
  7. The X-Files *Season Three* Appreciation Thread #4: "Her name is Bambi?"
  8. The X-Files *Season 10* Appreciation Thread #3: "Yeah, this is how I like my Mulder." — Scully
  9. FBI's Most Unwanted [Off Topic] #82: Kia has had a headache for 84 years.
  10. David Duchovny Appreciation #23: "Duchovny’s jam-packed page-turner is just waiting for someone to snap up the film rights."
  11. The X-Files *Season Three* Appreciation Thread #3: "Scully: So, how do I die? Clyde Bruckman: You don't."
  12. Gillian Anderson Appreciation #27: "Her transformational turn as Margaret Thatcher in The Crown is viscerally physical with clenched-jaw virtuosity."
  13. Mulder❤️Scully #49: "It was a love story in every possible regard. The love for life, the love for truth, and of course, the love for each other."
  14. The X-Files *Season Two* Appreciation#6: "From vampirism to Catholicism... the reward for eating flesh is eternal life." - Mulder
  15. The X-Files *Season Two* Appreciation Thread #5: "I just don't want you to think you have to hide anything from me." — Mulder
  16. David/Gillian Appreciation #19: From David helping her with her charity to Gillian sharing his music, they support each other no matter what!
  17. The X-Files *Season One* Appreciation Thread #7: "Dana... open yourself up to extreme possibilities only when they're the truth." — Mulder
  18. Holiday Fan Art Competition 2020
  19. The X-Files *Season Six* Appreciation Thread #3: "I do not gaze at Scully." — Mulder
  20. The X-Files General News & Discussion #3: Nearly 30 years later and the show continues to inspire new shows, podcasts, and books!
  21. The X-Files *Season Two* Appreciation Thread #4: "I knew there was a reason to live."
  22. David Duchovny Appreciation #22: "It's a killing joke that no one laughs at. A stupid orange man in a cheap red hat." 🎵🎶 — David Duchovny
  23. FBI's Most Unwanted [Off Topic] #81: What's good for the goose is good for the gander.
  24. Gillian Anderson Appreciation #26: She's a badass onscreen and more so off. A role model for women, girls and gay men everywhere. A pop culture icon.
  25. The X-Files *Season Two* Appreciation Thread #3: "I'd consider it more than a professional loss if you decided to leave." -Scully
  26. The X-Files *Season 11* Appreciation Thread #4: "I was fightin' the power and breakin' conspiracies before you saw your first camp trail, you punks!"
  27. FBI's Most Unwanted [Off Topic] #80: What kind of monster cuts down trees?
  28. The X-Files Post Count #19: Stop lurking and come post!
  29. The X-Files [MSR] Mulder❤️Scully #48: "One of them without the other would feel as the other half of them had died." — Gillian Anderson
  30. The X-Files *Season One* Appreciation Thread #6: "No wait, this is the part where they bring out Elvis." (Mulder)
  31. The X-Files *Season One* Appreciation Thread #5: "Mulder, you just keep unfolding like a flower." (Scully)
  32. FBI's Most Unwanted [Off Topic] #79: You can find Myra passed out on her bedroom floor.
  33. David/Gillian Appreciation #18: "The chemistry between us is beyond our control. Our characters come together and fall apart, like David and I do."
  34. Besides The X-Files, What Are You Reading/Watching? #9: Naomi watches all the new shows and movies, ask her for recommendations.
  35. The X-Files: Celebrating 20 Years on Fan Forum!
  36. David Duchovny Appreciation Thread #21: He's got Truly Like Lightning and The Craft: Legacy on the way. We love a multifaceted King!
  37. Gillian Anderson Appreciation Thread #25: She's brand ambassador for Dune London and is about to take over The Crown. We love a multifaceted Queen!
  38. The X-Files Picture Thread #4: We got new pictures from The Crown and The Craft: Legacy on the same day! What a time to be alive.
  39. FBI's Most Unwanted [Off Topic] #78: Everyone is experiencing fall colors except Myra because there are only like two trees in NYC. 😂
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  41. The X-Files [MSR] Mulder❤️Scully #47: "In a way, their relationship is deeper than [love], because they cannot live without each other." — DD
  42. FBI's Most Unwanted [Off Topic] #77: Leanne likes chocolate. :)
  43. The X-Files *Season One* Appreciation Thread #4: "Sorry, nobody down here but the FBI's most unwanted." — Fox Mulder
  44. Please Welcome Penny Lane as Your New Moderator!
  45. David/Gillian Appreciation Thread #17: "We are somehow joined, at some significant level, for ever, for as long as we are alive." — David Duchovny
  46. David Duchovny Appreciation Thread #20: Who is Hank Moody?
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  48. The X-Files Survivor #20: Gillian Anderson Photoshoot Survivor - Part Two [Round 10]
  49. Gillian Anderson Appreciation Thread #24: "I am so excited to be joining The Crown and have the opportunity to portray such a controversial woman."
  50. The X-Files Off Topic #76: You can't sit with us if you aren't wearing a mask.