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  1. The RC (OT) #997: It's HOLIDAY time! It doesn't matter where you live in cold or warm place, but enjoy the holiday w/ friends and family!
  2. J.La Word Association #73: Hero - Brave - Honest
  3. The Girls Scouts {Nate|Tim} Friendship #8: We could see more of this childhood friends since they have been friends forever..
  4. NH ABC's #45
  5. Besides James, What Else Are You Watching? #13
  6. J.La Last Letter Game #36
  7. Tpam #48
  8. Holiday Fan Art Competition 2018
  9. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  10. James Picture Thread #35: James need to stop taking the picture of himself from far-distance or took the locations or his dog.. Tsk!
  11. Nate/Luke #24: The show should focus on Nathan/Lucas as brothers with other family members, friends, not just only their love life, but career too..
  12. James ABC's #71
  13. Nathan/Brooke Appreciation Thread #4: They could have more scenes after high school years...
  14. Besides James, What Else Are You Watching? #12
  15. James Anti-ABC's #61
  16. Nathan/Karen Appreciation Thread #5: It would be amazing if both Nathan and Karen become closer in S3.. Sigh!
  17. Nathan/Skills (The Terrible Twosome) #10: We should have more of them in later seasons, but we don't have that many...
  18. James Lafferty Appreciation Thread #7: James always find the time to do the promoting or doing his own project from his own profits for fans!
  19. James/Bryan Appreciation Thread #14: They do live in few blocks from each other which mean James can just pop up over to Bryan's home!
  20. Nathan Scott Thread #24: He's good father, husband, brother, friend even as son too..
  21. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  22. Nathan/Peyton Appreciation Thread #3: Nothing that can say about them because we don't see any scenes between them in S5 to S6...
  23. J.La Three Word Posters #20
  24. The Romantics {NH+2} #49: They have a beautiful story that wasn't perfect, but they truly love each other and willing to do anything for each other!
  25. J.La Last Letter Game #35
  26. Besides James, What Else Are You Watching? #11
  27. James ABC's #70
  28. The RC (OT) #996: Soon the school/college are about to be over which summer time will be here!
  29. NH ABC's #44
  30. Nathan/Whitey #9: Not enough of Whitey in post-high school to bond w/ Nathan..
  31. Tpam #47
  32. News & Appearances #17: New event for new show, new role, etc.. And of course, more OTH convention!
  33. James Anti-ABC's #60
  34. Standard Avatars 2018
  35. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  36. The Scotts #8: If this family have the reality show, it would be like similar w/ the Kardashians, but Keeping up w/ the Scotts!
  37. The Girls Scouts {Nate|Tim} Friendship#7: We could see more of their friendship as adults.. Sigh..
  38. Hate it or Love it #16
  39. The FistPumpers [Nathan/Julian] #6: Both are good friends even though Nathan never want to hang out w/ Julian.. Just kidding..
  40. Besides James, What Else Are You Watching? #10
  41. J.La Last Letter Game #34
  42. James Picture Thread #34: James rarely to share his selfie, but at least whenever he has the chance then disappear..
  43. Nate/Luke #23: We should have final scene of Lucas and Nathan than what we have in season four..
  44. Superheroes [NJ] #21: Their bonding will always be meaningful and special than what Nathan had w/ his father..
  45. James ABC's #69
  46. Board Post Count #19: 2018 will be good one for the board!
  47. Nathan/Quentin#4: We could have more scenes between them, but not enough of their friendship to develop more..
  48. James Anti-ABC's #59
  49. Nathan/Skills (The Terrible Twosome) #9: No need words, but their actions say it all..
  50. J.La Three Word Posters #19: Always come up w/ so many w/ 3 words to say!