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  1. Agent Carter ABC’s #9: Sexy, Talented, Unbelievable
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  3. Agent Carter Last Letter #5: Jarvi[S], Sunshin[E], Entertainin[G]
  4. Post Count #13: Because we may be small, but our post counts show that we're mighty!
  5. Word Association #9: Lies - Truth - Justice
  6. [Black Widow] Dottie Underwood | Bridget Regan #6: “Wow. You sounded just like Captain America just now!” [Dottie to Peggy]
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  8. Agent Carter Picture & GIFS Thread #2: We need new pics, but until then, we’re happy sharing some oldies!
  9. Mission 7 is complete! Celebrating 4 years on Fan Forum!
  10. L & L Automatic Diner [OT] #18: “Everything is possible...even the impossible!”
  11. Agent Carter Anti-ABC’s #9: Jerks, Kangaroos, Lame
  12. SSR Headquarters [Marvel's Agent Carter Board Guide & Introduction Thread] #3: New Year. New OP. Same Agents.
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  14. 2018 Holiday Fan Art Competition Voting: Agent Carter
  15. [Sidekick] Edwin Jarvis | James D'Arcy #7: "Have you tried a taco?"
  16. Agent Carter Three Word Posts #9: Christmas is here!
  17. Agent Carter 4 Year Anniversary Celebration Prep Thread!
  18. [Agent] Peggy Carter | Hayley Atwell #10: "I have a little crush on Hayley Atwell." - Tom Bergeron
  19. [Chief] Agent Daniel Sousa | Enver Gjokaj #7: "Sometimes you have to put your faith in others to get the job done."
  20. Angie Martinelli [Lyndsy Fonseca] #5: It’s LOVE... ❤️
  21. Besides Agent Carter, what are you watching? #10
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  23. Word Association #8: Guns - Bang - Loud
  24. Holiday Fan Art Competition 2018
  25. Agent Carter Love It or Hate It? {#6}: CMM in a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie?
  26. The Person Above Me (TPAM) #8: TPAM is posting a lot
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  28. The Person Below Me (TPBM) #7: TPBM needs more seasons of Agent Carter!
  29. Ana Jarvis | Lotte Verbeek #3: “...I suppose I was expecting someone more like-" [Peggy] "Mr. Jarvis? In a girdle?" [Ana]
  30. Agent Carter Survivor Thread #6: Favorite GIF [WINNER!]
  31. L & L Automatic Diner [OT] #17: “You can pretty lie & say it’s OK. You can pretty smile & just walk away...but you can’t cry pretty.”
  32. Peggy & Howard | Hayley & Dominic #4: "Their love becomes stronger in a platonic way."
  33. Agent Carter ABC’s #8: Peggy, Quaint, Rad
  34. Besides Agent Carter, what are you watching? #9: Now, it’s time for fall shows! :)
  35. Agent Carter This or That? #6: Cinderella or Christopher Robin?
  36. Agent Carter Hangman #7: “I w-u-d a-ways c-m- bac- t- P-ggy” - Hay--y
  37. [Black Widow] Dottie Underwood | Bridget Regan #5: "This is my surprised face."
  38. Agent Carter Three Word Posts #8: Miss this show!
  39. [Agent] Peggy Carter | Hayley Atwell #9: "Eeyore, this is Evelyn, my wife!" "Hello, Evelyn, my wife". {Disney's Christopher Robin}
  40. Agent Jack Thompson | Chad Michael Murray #4: "Everybody thinks that I'm this guy...I never was & every day it gets harder & harder to live with.”
  41. Agent Carter Last Letter #4: Hayle[Y], Ye[S], Star[K]
  42. What Song Are You Listening To? #3
  43. [Dynamic Duo] Peggy/Jarvis (Hayley/James) #7: ”You were trying to do something good, and I believe you accomplished it."
  44. Post Count #12: We’re rockin’ these weekly post counts!
  45. Howard Stark | Dominic Cooper #5: “And for future reference, under no circumstance would I want anyone to shoot or otherwise hurt me...”
  46. The New York Examiner [News & Info] #5: With all these reboots happening, it’s Agent Carter’s turn to get one!
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  48. Angie Martinelli [Lyndsy Fonseca] #4: "I got a bottle of schnapps and half a rhubarb pie; let's see which one makes us sick first."
  49. Word Association #7: Stark - Jarvis - Butler
  50. L & L Automatic Diner [OT] #16: Because going to the dentist is no fun!