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  5. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
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  12. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  13. Angie Martinelli [Lyndsy Fonseca] #3: "Literally since I could walk... I was performing."
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  18. [Sidekick] Edwin Jarvis | James D'Arcy #5: "That fellow up there is my butler, Edwin Jarvis. He’ll help you any way he can."
  19. 300 Word Story #5 ~ Jarvis ran into the house when he saw cats licking sugar that looked like eggs.
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  22. [Agent] Peggy Carter | Hayley Atwell #6 | "From a very young age, stories fuelled my imagination in the most wonderful way."
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  24. Happy birthday to our real life Agent Carter, Hayley Atwell!
  25. The New York Examiner [News & Info] #4: No matter what the news says, we're still hoping for a Season 3, a movie, or something!
  26. L & L Automatic Diner [OT] #12 ~ "Where has all the time gone? How is it March 2017 already??"
  27. Agent Carter Hangman #6: "...l-t'- fac- it. I inv-nt-d it. -o, it -ork-."
  28. {Goofs} Peggy ❤ Steve | Hayley & Chris #4: "I have lived a life. My only regret is that you didn't get to live yours."
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  33. Dottie|Bridget [Black Widow] #3: "I've pulled out my own teeth. I've burned my own flesh w/ a blowtorch. I'm no Nazi harlot. You are wasting my time."
  34. [Mr. & Mrs. Jarvis] Edwin|Ana #2: "I promise..." "Don't make promises you can't keep."
  35. [Dynamic Duo] Peggy/Jarvis (Hayley/James) #5: "I wouldn’t be able to cope if Hayley wasn’t with me - as is exactly in the show as it is in life."
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  40. Ana Jarvis/Lotte Verbeek #2 ~ Because she can handle her guns well.
  41. Howard Stark | Dominic Cooper #3: "Did you miss me?"
  42. Agent Jack Thompson|Chad Michael Murray #2: "...I'm in charge. And while I'm in charge, none of you will be resting."
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  45. Peggy & Howard | Hayley & Dominic #2: "You’re the one person who believes in me. I can’t lose you.” - Howard
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