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  1. Vanessa Hudgens/Gabriella Montez #17 ~ b/c even when she's dressing "like a bum" she looks stunning! Jealous much?
  2. Jack Bolton/Bart Johnson Appreciation #5 ~ b/c Jack knows the line between dad and coach, so Troy can't be badly behaved
  3. The Homeroom (OT) #46 ~ b/c we all love Dani and we're wishing her the best of luck with her move!
  4. Holiday Fan Art Competition 2010
  5. Troy/Kelsi (The Playmakers) #4: Because only his playmaker could affectionately call him Hoops Man and get away with it
  6. Zac Efron/Troy Bolton App. #18: B/c our man has such a big workload that none of us can keep up!
  7. HSM FanFiction #16 ~ b/c it's Halloween, Coach! We just want to "Escape to Love" and "Trick or Treat"
  8. HSM Word Association #17 - Fabulous ~ Sharpay ~ Princess
  9. Vanessa Hudgens/Gabriella Montez #16 ~Because we're fighting over all of her accessories, even her ridiculous floppy hat
  10. Live In Love (Zachary♥Vanessa) #69 ~ Because he'd 'risk his life ten times over' for the woman he loves.
  11. Troy♥Sharpay #4 ~ Because they have more than an appreciation for Italian shoes in common!
  12. The Homeroom (OT) #45 ~ Because Amber has too many crushes and Gladys is marrying Troy Bolton! :P
  13. HSM 300 Word Story #11 ~ The Wildcats went on Expedition Everest...
  14. Ryan Evans/Lucas Grabeel #12 ~ Because blonde, black or orange hair - Lucas sightings are always a cause for excitement!
  15. HSM Post Count #8 ~ Because don't make me bring out the whip!
  16. HSM Anti-ABC's #6: Astronauts, Baboons, Chimpanzees...
  17. HSM ABC's #17 ~ Jason, Kelsi, Lucas
  18. The Homeroom (OT) #44 - b/c Edward Cullen isn't a bad backup should Coach Bolton reject us!
  19. Vanessa Hudgens/Gabriella Montez #15 ~ B/c she is the only woman who can look hot, sexy, cute and adorable all in one go
  20. Sharpay | Ashley 08 ~ Because not only is she a talented actress, singer and dancer, she's set to produce her own movie!
  21. Troy♥Gabriella #13 ~ b/c it doesn't matter how we fabricate TG in our heads, we all agree on one thing: they're perfect!
  22. The Homeroom (OT) #43 ~ B/c Dani was drunk, Tess is insane, Amber is being scary, Tamy is mushy and Zac likes it rough.
  23. Zac Efron/Troy Bolton App. #17: Because "The Lucky Ones" are truly us to be privy to his epic sexiness!
  24. HSM FanFiction #15 ~ b/c "Sorry Ms. Darbus, please don't take away my cell phone, I'm reading updates!"
  25. Live In Love (Zachary♥Vanessa) #68 ~ B/c matching wet suits & surfing together - it doesn't get more adorable than that!
  26. HSM Icons #5 ~ Because Wildcats in boxes would be dangerous, unless it's our Wildcats in icon boxes!
  27. HSM Word Association #16 ~ theater - Darbus - inspirational
  28. The Homeroom (OT) #42 ~ Because screw Voldemort, let's talk about Cedric instead!
  29. The Wildcats #8 ~ Because four years later, they still fly across the country to see each other.
  30. HSM Fanart thread || #3 ~ b/c if a HSM museum existed, these arts would be lining the walls
  31. HSM Trivia #4 ~ Because all these years later and some of the little facts still get us stumped!
  32. Vanessa Hudgens/Gabriella Montez #14 ~ Because our fangirls are "out tonight" watching V "light our candle"
  33. HSM Fan Pictures Thread #9 ~ Because everyone is special in their own way
  34. Wildcats Upcoming Projects (S&S) #3 ~ Because there's so many projects, we can't keep track of them!
  35. Please Welcome New Forum Affiliate - ZA Angels!
  36. TPAM #8 ~ TPAM loves eating HSM!Gummi bears. :P
  37. The Homeroom (OT) #41 ~ Because Amber should be proud that I punch her. <3
  38. Please Welcome New Forum Affiliate: VanAshBreNique
  39. Live In Love (Zachary♥Vanessa) #67 ~b/c he thinks "she's a good partner in crime"
  40. Please Welcome New Forum Affiliate: HSM-Love.net
  41. Live In Love (Zachary♥Vanessa) #66 ~ B/c he goes home every weekend during promo, just to be with her *le sigh
  42. HSM 300 Word Story #10
  43. HSM ABC's #16 ~ Danforth, Efron, Fulton
  44. Live In Love (Zachary♥Vanessa) #65 ~ "she usually looks REALLY pretty when we go out" *le sigh
  45. LiveinLove(Zac♥Van)#64~"Its good to have somebody that unconditionally understands...that’s been a great gift."
  46. Live in Love (Zachary♥Vanessa) #63 ~ B/c "...Love...its unexplainable...i know that for me, i just feel happy." *le sigh
  47. Live in Love (Zachary♥Vanessa) #62 ~ Because "we don't have to say anything, we just understand..it's the look"
  48. Live in Love (Zachary♥Vanessa) #61 ~ because "we've been through it all together" *le sigh
  49. The Homeroom (OT) #40 ~ Because Tess slipped on water, fell in the fish tank and broke her face! :(
  50. HSM Fanfiction #14: b/c "It's summer Ry! Everything changes" except how much we want updates