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  1. TPAM #6: TPAM has watched a HSM movie today.
  2. Live in Love (Zac♥Van) #50 ~ b/c absence is to love as wind is to fire; it extinguishes the small and kindles the great
  3. 2009 Fan Forum Music Video Awards Winner - High School Musical
  4. Ashley contest link
  5. I am going to meet Ashley Tisdale
  6. Ashley Tisdale Contest
  7. Ashley Tisdale!!!
  8. July Birthdays!!!!
  9. The Wildcats #3 {The Cast} ~ Because they learnt to fly, together side by side!
  10. Live in Love (Zac♥Van) #49~ because distance will always be definite but the love they have is infinite
  11. High School Musical Senior Year Awards!!!
  12. Vanessa Hudgens/Gabriella Montez Appreciation Thread #3 ~ "Let's face it, she's also beautiful"
  13. Live in Love (Zac♥Van)#48~ because distance and time apart will only strengthen their love more.
  14. HSM ABC's #11 ~ Basketball - Cool - Danforth
  15. June Birthdays!!
  16. HSM 300 Word Story # 7
  17. Live in Love (Zac♥Van)#47~"They were holding hands, dancing close and always had their arms around each other" *le sigh*
  18. Zac Efron/Troy Bolton Appreciation #3: "Efron managed to come off as appreciative and humble."
  19. HSM Anti ABCs #2 ~ Are you insane?
  20. Live in Love (Zachary♥Vanessa) #46 ~ because they both looked great at the MMAs
  21. Ryan & Sharpay #2: Because they're king and queen of the jazz square!
  22. Live in Love (Zachary♥Vanessa) #45 ~ because... "It's evident they are in love."
  23. HSM Word Association #10 ~ Sing - Dance - Choreography
  24. Live in Love (Zac♥Van) #44 ~ B/c could these two be any more perfect for each other? *sigh*
  25. TPBM #7 ~ TPBM dreams of becoming an honourary Wildcat
  26. Live in Love (Zac♥Van) #43 ~ b/c their love is so magical... they can literally disappear! *le sigh*
  27. Live in Love (Zac♥Van) #42 ~ b/c when drooling over ZV love we all get hungry!
  28. LiL (Zac♥Van) #41 ~ b/c nothing compares to the love they feel for one another
  29. Live in Love (Zachary♥Vanessa) #40 ~ b/c we always knew they're love was global
  30. Live in Love (Zachary♥Vanessa) #39 ~ b/c for him she doesn't need wings on a hat, she is already his angel
  31. Live in Love (Z♥V) #38 ~ Because now that they're back, we're up for some domesticated!ZV
  32. HSM ABC's #10 : You couldn't describe our Wildacts better way *sigh
  33. Live in Love (Zac♥Van) 37 ~ Because no matter where in the world they are, we know they're thinking of each other!
  34. Live in Love (Zac♥Van) 36 ~ b/c a little blurb is all we need to know they're having fun
  35. Live in Love (Zac♥Van) 35 ~ b/c when given a gift he naturally thought to share it with GF! *le sigh*
  36. High School Musical - 'Night of Nights' Survivor - WINNERS ANNOUNCED!
  37. LiL Zac♥Van #34 b/c when asked about hiding his love with V Zac said "We don’t have anything to hide."
  38. Fourth Annual Fan Forum Music Video Awards
  39. The Homeroom (OT) #13: Because talking is what we do the best!!
  40. LiL Zac♥Van #33 ~ Because the distance GF had to travel was worth the reward *sigh...
  41. Please Welcome misslisss as Your New Moderator
  42. Monique Coleman/Taylor McKessie #3||Because "That girl's got more moves than an octopus in a wrestling match."
  43. Wildcats Hotseat #2 - Because we want to get to know you better :)
  44. 18 and Over Thread Because HSM isn't just for kids
  45. Jimmie Zara/Tira Gold Shippers Apprecation thread #1-There fight in the 3rd film was the start for us!
  46. Olesya Rulin our favorite lil midget
  47. Live in Love Zac♥Van #32 ~ Because even after 3 years they're still "a match made in musical heaven"
  48. Live in Love Zac♥Van #31 ~ Because rumors come and go, but their love still remains!
  49. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  50. Live in Love Zac♥Van #30 ~ b/c no matter what she'll always find her way back to his open arms *sigh*