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  1. HSM Fan Pictures Thread #4 ~ Because HSM should be proud of having such beautiful fangirls!
  2. HSM3 General Appreciation Thread #3: Because we want the rest of our lives to feel just like a High School Musical
  3. Ryan Evans/Lucas Grabeel #6: Because both Lucas and Ryan are destined for the spotlight
  4. Jack Bolton/Bart Johnson #3~ Because at 39, he's getting finer with age!
  5. HSM Post Count #3 ~ Because we're soaring and flying on our way to 100k!
  6. The Homeroom (OT) #27 ~ Because someone was so busy spamming she didn't realise we needed a new thread
  7. HSM Hangman #4 ~ Go on, have a guess, it's easy!
  8. Taylor&Gabriella Appreciation #2 ~ Because who else can Gabriella turn to for 'boy rule' advice than Taylor?
  9. Ryan & Sharpay #4: Because she wouldn't give the Stardazzle award to just anyone
  10. Birthday Thread ~ Age is just a number, but we should celebrate anyway :)
  11. The Homeroom (OT) #26 ~b/c Amber and I almost had a heart attack when The Office was deleted
  12. HSM FanFiction #6~ b/c working muses are almost as good as a perfected jazz square
  13. HSM ABCs #13 ~ Colourful - Darbus - East High
  14. The Homeroom (OT) #25 ~ because Tess is the queen of the world *smirk*
  15. Vanessa Hudgens/Gabriella Montez #9: Because we'll be walking in a winter wonderland to her sultry tones
  16. Zac/Troy Appreciation #11 ~ Because he causes fangirl responses like "holy ****" *laugh* "I like your tie!" *blush*
  17. Ryan♥Kelsi (The Entertainers) #5 ~ b/c with their talents combined, they make a beautiful show together
  18. Live In Love (Zachary♥Vanessa) #54 ~ Because you're my heart, my soul and my shining star *le sigh
  19. The Homeroom (OT) #24 ~ because we're all weirdos and Tamy is our queen!
  20. HSM Fan Pictures Thread #3 ~ Because fan pics illustrate just how fabulous we all are :D
  21. Sharpay Evans/Ashley Tisdale #5 ~ Because she even wears pink to graduation with a red robe
  22. HSM Word Association #12 ~ Wildcat - basketball - competition
  23. HSM Picture Thread #2 ~ b/c even the summer at Lava Springs can't match how hot these Wildcats are
  24. The Wildcats #5 ~ b/c as much as we love those mini-reunions... we want a big one please!
  25. HSM FanFiction #5 ~ b/c "once in a lifetime, means there's no second chance", so update now!
  26. The Homeroom (OT) #23 ~ because 'can I have a chocolate cake??'
  27. Troy♥Gabriella #8 ~ Because he doesn't make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for just anyone
  28. Gabriella/Sharpay #2 ~ Because Sharpay's vocal exercises really helped Gabriella with the winter musical
  29. Zeke & Sharpay #2: He'll only make creme brulee for her!
  30. HSM Unconventional Couples#2: B/C with the wildcats the possibilties are endless ;)
  31. HSM 300 Word Story #8
  32. Kelsi Nielsen/Olesya Rulin #3: Because she's our favorite ZBZ pledge sister!
  33. Ryan Evans/Lucas Grabeel #5: B/c if he dresses up as a vampire for Halloween, we'd kiss him!
  34. Chad/Taylor #2 ~ "Oh honey. If that's what you call an invitation you'll be dancing with yourself!"
  35. The Homeroom (OT) #22 ~ because once you get into FF you can't leave!
  36. Vanessa Hudgens/Gabriella Montez #8: b/c she was the right person who changed them all
  37. Zac Efron/Troy Bolton Appreciation #10: b/c "This guy is the real deal."
  38. High School Musical 3: Senior Year ~ 1st Anniversary Celebration
  39. Momo/Taylor McKessie #4 ~ b/c she acts, does voices for animations, is über flexible & is gorgeous - what can't she do?
  40. The Homeroom (OT) #21 ~ Because we shall have to create our own madness *MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA*
  41. Live In Love (Zachary♥Vanessa) 53 ~ b/c she chooses the date movie...but who chooses the 'date game'??
  42. HSM General Appreciation Thread #2: Because HSM has shown us that 'all our dreams, have no limitations'
  43. Ryan♥Kelsi (The Entertainers) #4 Because They Both Know That Hats Make The Perfect Accessories
  44. Ryan♥Kelsi (The Entertainers) Because They Both Know That Hats Make The Perfect Accessories
  45. Troy♥Gabriella #7 ~ Because all it took was one look for a dream come true
  46. The Homeroom (OT) #20 ~ Because timezones impede proper fangirling
  47. Troy/Kelsi [The Playmakers] Appreciation #2: Because he's the harmony to her melody.
  48. HSM Icons #3: Because containing Wildcat spirit in a box is difficult, but we can try!
  49. HSM FanFiction #4 ~ b/c even though it's not "summertime", we still scream and shout when updates come!
  50. The Homeroom {OT} #19: Because we're one big happy family