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  1. The Homeroom (OT) #20 ~ Because timezones impede proper fangirling
  2. Troy/Kelsi [The Playmakers] Appreciation #2: Because he's the harmony to her melody.
  3. HSM Icons #3: Because containing Wildcat spirit in a box is difficult, but we can try!
  4. HSM FanFiction #4 ~ b/c even though it's not "summertime", we still scream and shout when updates come!
  5. The Homeroom {OT} #19: Because we're one big happy family
  6. HSM Fan Pictures #2 ~ Because everyone is soooo pretty
  7. HSM2 Appreciation Thread #2 ~ Because that summer they knew that "once in a lifetime means there's no second chance"
  8. Ryan & Sharpay #3: Because they want the world nothing less, all the glam and the press
  9. Corbin Bleu in FREESTYLE the movie!
  10. Zac Efron/Troy Bolton Appreciation #9: Because with calendars like his, 2010 cannot come soon enough!
  11. Vanessa Hudgens/Gabriella Montez #7:b/c she'll 'Sucker Punch' you into next year with her mad skills
  12. Zac/Ashley #2: b/c "you are the only person who could make you two syllables... you-a, you-a!"
  13. Troy♥Gabriella #6 ~ Because "is this a pirate's wheel?!" "No..."
  14. The Homeroom {OT} #18 ~ b/c we don't like rain...bring on the SNOW!!!
  15. Troy/Chad thread #3: Because the boys are back and they make it look good
  16. Gabriella/Ryan #2 Because of course the swing step is easy with him teaching her
  17. Ryan Evans/Lucas Grabeel #4: Because with a career achievement award under his belt, the future is bright
  18. HSM Official Website
  19. Chad Danforth/Corbin Bleu #3: Because it's a Beautiful Life with him every Wednesday!
  20. Live In Love (Zachary♥Vanessa) 52 - Because they just glow when they're together *sigh*
  21. Zac Efron/Troy Bolton Appreciation #8: b/c even though his jersey says "14", he'll forever be #1 in our hearts
  22. Sharpay Evans/Ashley Tisdale #4: b/c brunette or blond, she'll always be our "Guilty Pleasure"
  23. HSM Fanfiction Thread #3: b/c it's the "Start of Something New" for the forum so we need updates to celebrate
  24. HSM Fanfiction Thread #3: b/c it's the "Start of Something New" for the forum so we need updates to celebrate
  25. Troy♥Sharpay #2: Because Troy thinks Sharpay is kinda cute, too.
  26. Parental Interactions #2: Because they taught them all they know
  27. The Wildcats #4 ~ Because they're 'the friends who've been there all along'
  28. The Homeroom {OT} #17 ~ Because WARNING: Sanity is not apparent in this thread
  29. Zac Efron/Troy Bolton Appreciation #7 ~ b/c cutting the shower scene? Explain Disney! *irked*
  30. Troy ♥ Gabriella #5 ~ Because 'with every step together we just keep on getting better'
  31. HSM3 General Appreciation Thread #2: because it can't be over, right?
  32. *September Birthdays!*
  33. Ryan♥Kelsi (The Entertainers) 3 ~ You're on my Mind, You're in my Heart
  34. Jack Bolton/Bart Johnson #2 ~ Because "Johnson is one of the most handsome and talented stars in Hollywood today"
  35. HSM Post Count #2 ~ Because the freaky math girls are keeping track of the post count!
  36. High School Musical, who says we have to let it go, it's the best part we've ever known!
  37. ~ August Birthdays ~
  38. HSM Fanfiction Thread #2: b/c WANTED: STORIES INVOLVING THE WILDCATS! *flowers*
  39. Vanessa Hudgens/Gabriella Montez Appreciation Thread #6 ~ b/c she's gonna look better after SP...is that even possible?!
  40. The Board Revamp Continues! ~ Updated January 11 ~ Please read :)
  41. Zac Efron/Troy Bolton Appreciation #6 ~ Because with his body who can think of titles?
  42. Live In Love (Zachary♥Vanessa) 51 ~ B/c their love conquers all rumours. *le sigh*
  43. New Board Rules And Thread Guide - Please Read and Respond (Updated August 2009)
  44. HSM Anti ABCs #3 ~ We don't attempt to understand your delusional mind.
  45. Vanessa & Ashley #2 ~ Because we hope Ash goes to visit her bestie in Vancouver soon.
  46. Please welcome your new board moderators
  47. The Homeroom {OT} #16 - Because is it really essential to have a proper title?
  48. Why do you keep saying goodbye? .. I meant goodnight ♥
  49. Vanessa Hudgens/Gabriella Montez Appreciation Thread #5~ B/c Yearbook, Theatre? Is there anything this girl doesn't do?
  50. Zeke Baylor/Chris Warren Jr. #2: Because he can bake us cookies any time of the year!