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  1. Jason♥Kelsi #2 ~ b/c with one free throw, he'd captured her heart
  2. Zac Efron/Troy Bolton Appreciation #14 ~ b/c new projects, charity work, there's always a reason to love Efron!
  3. Ryan♥Kelsi (The Entertainers) #9: Because They’re The Couple You Never Really Noticed, But Probably Should
  4. TPAM #7 ~ TPAM has seen HSM: The Ice Tour.
  5. High School Musical 100,000 Post Celebration ~ Memories that last forever!
  6. HSM ABCs #14 ~ Kelsi - Lava Springs - Martha
  7. Ryan & Sharpay #6 ~ Because together, they're set for stardom
  8. The Homeroom (OT) #35: Because Tamy is Tess and Tess is Tamy.....and they are both weirdos! :P
  9. HSM3 Quotes Survivor #2 ~ Congratulations To Our Winner!
  10. Kelsi Nielsen/Olesya Rulin #5: Because Kelsi's future as Juilliard is just as bright as Olesya's in cinema and TV!
  11. HSM General Appreciation Thread #3: Because there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach
  12. Zeke & Sharpay #3: b/c he didn't just give her some cookies, he gave her his heart as well!
  13. HSM Post Count #5 ~ Because 100k has been and gone and we're still posting away and making more memories
  14. HSM Unconventional Couples #3: Because with a little imagination and a dirty mind, any moment can be a UC moment
  15. HSM 300 Word Story #9
  16. HSM Trivia #3 ~ The way we play tonight is what we leave behind
  17. Jason Cross/Ryne Sanborn #2 ~ Because only he would keep his lucky socks in his lunch bag
  18. Ryan Evans/Lucas Grabeel #8 ~ Because we demand another photoshoot of this man, ASAP!
  19. Ryan♥Kelsi (The Entertainers) #8 ~ Because their "last chance" was only the beginning
  20. Chad/Taylor #3 ~ Because Chad's the one who needs to 'save faster' so he can take his hottie on a proper date
  21. HSM Fanfiction #11: b/c We love to have updates 'everyday'!
  22. HSM Fan Pictures Thread #7 ~ b/c we vary in every way (i.e green hair) but we're still all gorgeous! :P
  23. Vanessa Hudgens/Gabriella Montez #11 ~ b/c if beauty could kill we'd be dead in less than one second
  24. HSM Icons #4: B/c we have so many that we simply cannot choose!
  25. The Homeroom (OT) #34 ~ b/c we're sure that there'll be a fangirl meeting in the future
  26. LiL (Z♥V) #56 ~b/c why would he need to be checking out Lakers girls when he can be gazing adoringly at her?
  27. HSM Anti-ABC's #4 ~ No, no, no, no; they are not Grotesque, Horrid or Insipid
  28. Zac Efron/Troy Bolton Appreciation #13 ~ From a cute little boy to a sexy passionate man, Zac has always had our hearts
  29. Troy♥Gabriella #10 ~ Because all Californians will have a toothache; that's how sweet they are
  30. Ryan♥Kelsi (The Entertainers) #7 ~ Because even Julliard could sense their chemistry.
  31. HSM Word Association #13: basketball - Troy - perfection
  32. Martha Cox/Kaycee Stroh #2: B/c she does her homework with only one dance move.
  33. Troy/Chad thread #4: "I'm pushing!" "You better be pushing!" "I'm pushing!" "Push harder!"
  34. Troy/Kelsi (The Playmakers) Appreciation #3 ~ Because only Kelsi could teach Troy a song in ten minutes
  35. The Homeroom (OT) #33 ~ Because two years of random chit chat and we still cannot shut up
  36. Happy Anniversary High School Musical ~ "Once a Wildcat, Always a Wildcat"
  37. HSM3 Quotes Survivor ~ Because not only do they sing & dance, but they say some quoteworthy things too (ROUND TEN)
  38. HSM Post Count #4 ~ because we're taking ideas for the 100k celebration now!
  39. HSM FanFiction #10: Because we'd love some updates 'right here, right now'
  40. Chad Danforth/Corbin Bleu #4: Because he will reach new "Heights" this year.
  41. For The Ultimate Hsm Fan!
  42. Sharpay Evans/Ashley Tisdale #6 ~ because Nylon knows this Wildcat is going places
  43. The Wildcats #6 || Because forever they'll always have high school
  44. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMY & DANI!! {18 & 24} So little cake, so many candles.....
  45. Ryan Evans/Lucas Grabeel #7 || Because he is a man of many great talents... and fabulous hats
  46. Ryan & Sharpay #5 ~ Because the whole world is their stage including the corridors of East High
  47. The Homeroom (OT) #32 ~ Because Dani thought Tamy would enjoy beginning her birthday by opening a thread :)
  48. HSM Fanfiction #9 ~ b/c there's not an update on fanfic.net that we can't reach
  49. HSM Fan Pictures Thread #6 ~ b/c the only thing hotter than the Wildcats are the fangirls!
  50. Monique Coleman/Taylor McKessie #5 ~ b/c "Starlight makes life a celebration instead of being sad."