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  1. Soulmates (D/Jo) #404: "I'm sitting with my best friend in the world and my palms are sweating."
  2. True Love {Pacey/Joey}#468: "Imagine that, Pacey, we actually have something in common."
  3. True Love {Pacey/Joey}#467: Pacey's intensely passionate and constantly surprising Joey
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  5. True Love {Pacey/Joey}#466:"I've seen how much she loves him. I've seen it in her face." - Dawson
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  9. True Love {Pacey/Joey}#465: Pacey, you're not supposed to compete, we're supposed to have our own history.
  10. Andie McPhee/Meredith Monroe Appreciation thread #2: Because of her belief that everything is wonderful until proven crap
  11. Dawson's Creek - DC Hangman #40: C-n y-u Figure i- -u
  12. OT: Happy New Year and Happy New Post
  13. True Love {Pacey/Joey}#464: She's so beautiful that your knees get weak, your heart trembles, and you know there is meaning in the universe
  14. True Love {Pacey/Joey}#463: "She wants to be with you, Pace, she does." - Jen [The Longest Day]
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  16. Fan Forum Maintenance Info
  17. Dawson's Creek 42nd Word Association Thread
  18. This or That #20 DC Style
  19. Pacey Witter/Joshua Jackson Appreciation #52: Talented and Sexy - Who Wouldn't Be a Josh Fangirl?
  20. True Love {Pacey/Joey}#462: " It's a new year, who knows, you and I might even become friends"
  21. Soulmates Dawson/Joey #403:"I know that there's a part of me that will be in love with you for the rest of my life."
  22. Dawson's Creek - DC Hangman #39: C-n y-u Figure i- -u-
  23. True Love {P/J}#461:"Part of his recklessness is that he's constantly surprising me. And part of his rashness is that he's intensely passionate."
  24. Dawson's Creek ABCs #44
  25. Dawson's Creek 41st Word Association Thread
  26. Joey/Eddie Appreciation Thread #2: "I'm not gonna forget you. You might just be the sweetest, nicest surprise that's ever happened to me."
  27. This or That #19 DC Style
  28. True Love {Pacey/Joey}#460: "I forget how much fun I have when I'm with you, and it's really, really nice to be reminded."
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  31. True Love {Pacey/Joey}#459: "How come this feels so right?"
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  35. Dumbo Lovers {Pacey/Andie} #103: Because she chose him and will always choose him.
  36. True Love {Pacey/Joey} #458: Because "It Made Me Feel Alive"
  37. True Love {Pacey/Joey} #457: We Continue to Love Reading Between Their Banter
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  48. True Love {P/J}#454: Joey can't get Pacey out of her head, can't stop thinking about him, wanting to be near him, and wanting to kiss him all the time
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