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  1. The Dawson's Creek Survivor Thread - Vote, Vote, Vote!
  2. True Love {Pacey Witter & Joey Potter} #419: "It's your boat we're planning on christening." *make out* "I own a boat?!"
  3. Soulmates (D/Jo) #394: "She ran home & cried for hours, & he came over & cheered her up."
  4. Please Welcome New Forum Affiliate - Jensen Ackles Network
  5. Kerr Smith/Jack McPhee #3: Because Mr. McPhee was glad to have a son like him.
  6. Dawson's Creek ABC's #15: 'L'eery, 'M'inutemen, 'N'orthern Lights
  7. The Underdogs [Pacey/Jen] #6: Because he promised to help take care of her baby.
  8. OT: Because we lead such exciting lives, of course.
  9. Please Welcome New Forum Affiliate - Jensen Ackles Portugal
  10. Dawson's Creek 300 Word Story #4
  11. True Love {P/Jo} #418: "When you met these characters three years ago... they were kinda destined to fall in love." - KH
  12. OT2: Our favorite phrases? "Reruns," and "DVD Box Set." Yes, we're that kind of addicted.
  13. Michelle Williams/Jen Lindley #12: Because she's everyone's best friend
  14. The Anti-Dawson/Joey Thread #47: Pacey is so sick of DJo, he's going to start tearing out his fingernails for relief!
  15. This or That #6: Jack or Andie?
  16. Pandie (P/A) 93 roses: Because they're both left-handed
  17. OT2: Without fandom, we'd actually have to go out and *gulp* have real lives!!
  18. Music Video Awards 2010 - Dawson's Creek
  19. love pandie
  20. OT: The thread that chronicles all of our misadventures.
  21. Dawson's Creek Word Association #12: College - Worthington - Joey
  22. True Love [P/Jo] #417: "I can't stop thinking about him or wanting to be near him or wanting to kiss him all the time."
  23. Soulmates {Jack & Jen} #5: Because "I didn't realize you still had those kinds of dreams about me."
  24. Dawson's Creek ABC's #14: 'D'oug, 'E'xs, 'F'riendship
  25. Josh Jackson/Pacey Witter #43: Pacey was always a "madcap genius just waiting to happen."
  26. Season 1 Discussion
  27. OT2: It may be the beginning of the end for our shows... but that's what reruns are for.
  28. Standard Avatars
  29. OT : Deep discussions here, we're so much more than pretty faces
  30. True Love [PJo] #416: "I've seen how much she loves him. I've seen it in her face."
  31. New Yorkers (Jen&Drue) #7: Because if he was going to Boston, he wanted her there with him.
  32. OT2: Because who needs a life when we have our TV.
  33. True Love [Pacey/Joey] #415: Because the years never changed the promises they made, nor the love they felt.
  34. Dawson's Creek Word Association #11: Dawson - Jaws - Movies
  35. OT: Work, school, tv, here...that pretty much sums up our lives.
  36. OT2: Because we have plenty of shows to tide us over until April.
  37. Help! Looking for Dawson's Creek filming locations in Wilmington...
  38. Dawson's Creek ABC's #13: 'J'ames, 'K'err, 'L'indley
  39. German DC Fans here?
  40. True Love [Pacey/Joey] #414: Because she'll forever be his skittish kitten.
  41. DC General Discussion #4: "Do you have any idea how rare it is to have friends that you've known your entire life?"
  42. Dawson's Creek 300 Word Story #3
  43. This or That #5: The Icehouse or Leery's Fresh Fish?
  44. Jack McPhee/Kerr Smith Appreciation #2: Because he was amazing on the Creek, and he'll be amazing on Life Unexpected.
  45. Michelle Williams/Jen Lindley #11: Because even though she was all grown up, she still needed her Grams.
  46. I need help finding a song on DC
  47. Happy Holidays!
  48. Joshua Jackson/Pacey Witter Appreciation #42:Because Pacey can teach us how to "drive stick" any time.
  49. OT2: The holidays cannot stop our love for TV
  50. Soulmates {D/Jo} #393: The day her mom died, he held her hand, & she did the same for him.