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  1. Visiting Capeside
  2. Soulmates(D/Jo)#331: They had the power to break each other like no one else could.
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  5. are there any "over 21's who relate" here?
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  7. *We love P/Jo~because even after 350 threads they are still our true ship~snail 350*
  8. Soulmates(D/Jo) #330:The most romantic, beyond any movie we could ever imagine, kiss
  9. No Goodbyes for P&A-B/C he gave her the fantasy date she'll never forget~ 79Roses
  10. The Leery's #1:"Welcome to the Leery house, where it's Deja-screw all over again."
  11. Pacey Witter Appreciation Thread#13~Because he's so sexy when he's angry
  12. OT Thread #12: Deb is really young- ignore the birth certificate
  13. Soulmates(DJo)#329:It wasn't about not wanting her. It was about wanting her too much
  14. Episode Discussion #611 - "Day Out of Days"
  15. Dawson's Creek Avatars: DC's Homemade and Fresh 100x100 Boxes
  16. *We love P/Jo~"Because they are beautiful in each other's eyes snail~#349
  17. Anti-PJ Thread #35: Dawsons? Insecurities? Whatever. Pacey brought her napkins!
  18. Romantic Dreamer Dawson Leery #9 ~ "Damn, that boy knows how to write a love letter"
  19. Soulmates (D/Jo)#328: "Jo's morning after glow"...the long fingers theory makes sense
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  21. "Five years in the future" Poster!
  22. NEED YOUR HELP! Bachelor thesis about Dawson's Creek!
  23. No Goodbyes for P&A - Because his life began when he met her ~ 78 Roses
  24. 100, 000 posts
  25. Episode Discussion #610 - "Merry Mayhem"
  26. best vids
  27. *We love P/Jo~"Because even though the boat sunk, their true love lives on snail~#348
  28. Anti-D/J #23-The ONLY way D/Jo would end up together is in a dream or on his show!
  29. Soulmates (D/Jo) #327 ~ Because when the snow fell she made a wish for them
  30. Pacey Witter Appreciation Thread#12~Pacey's got the Jeep. Can I hear ya say yea-aaaa
  31. Soulmates (D/Jo)#326: "Their intense, smoldering eye chatter: Like sex in a glance."
  32. *We love P/Jo~"Because her future lies with Pacey snail~#347
  33. Happy Birthday Emilydc ( DC's Mod)
  34. Dónde está la gente que habla español... Parte 77!
  35. Episode Discussion #609 - "Everything Put Together Falls Apart"
  36. The Finale
  37. No Goodbyes for P&A~Because she changed the predictable course of his life~77 Roses
  38. Dawson's Creek: Concert on the Creek
  39. Soulmates (D/Jo) #325:"He's the only one who knows her whole history."
  40. Anti-PJ Thread #34: Yeah, we don't care enough to give them a title...
  41. *We love P/Jo~"Because they couldn't keep their eyes off each other:snail~#346
  42. Pacey Witter Appreciation Thread#11~Because we can't keep our eyes off his backside
  43. *We love P/Jo~"Because being castaway with Pacey was her dream come true:snail~#345
  44. Episode Discussion #608 - "Spiderwebs"
  45. 324 Movie Nights 4 D/Jo:Even J/K thought it was absurd they never talked that summer
  46. Which couples deserved more time together?
  47. Anti-D/J #22-Joey chooses Pacey not once but TWICE! Note to Dawson...sucks to be you!
  48. *We love P/Jo~"Because nothing could shake Joey's love for Pacey"snail~#344
  49. *We love P/Jo~"Because nothing could shake Joey's love for Pacey"
  50. Soulmates (DJo) #323:That night on the dock, he gave her his necklace, and his heart.