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  1. Songs From Dawson's Creek
  2. OT Thread: There's More Things In Life Than Dawson's Creek
  3. We all love Pacey and Joey together thead
  4. We Love P/Jo because We can never get enough of their "Stolen Kisses"~Snail #375
  5. Dawson's Creek Avatars: Pacey in a box, he's cool, right?
  6. Pacey J. Witter Appreciation Thread #18: Because he protects the ones he loves
  7. Pinoy DC #69: Hold On And Never Let Go
  8. Anti D/Jo Thread #32: Because Joey will always choose Pacey!
  9. We Love P/Jo because in the end all they had to do was have a Little Faith~snail#374
  10. This or That?: Dawson or Pacey? Capeside or Boston?
  11. were can i get pacey and joey clips
  12. Pacey Witter Appreciation Thread #17: Because he made Hawaiian shirts look hot!
  13. We Love P/Jo in Season 6 because They never stopped Loving each other ~ Snail #373
  14. Anti D/Jo Thread #31:Because he could never inspire her to run away with him.
  15. We Love P/Jo in Season 5 because Their Love is Still Shinning in the Stars~snail#372
  16. The Ultimate Season 1 Music Survivor - The Least Favorite Song
  17. Pacey Witter Appreciation Thread #16: Because he's the perfect man!
  18. Soulmates (D/Jo) #360: “He left LA for a very simple and specific reason. Her.”
  19. We Love P/Jo because They Sail Through Season 4 Head over Heels in Love ~ snail #371
  20. Fanforum Music Video Awards 2007
  21. Sasha Alexander/Gretchen Witter #1 - Because She's Pacey's Sister
  22. Anti-D/Jo #30:Because her face says it all.
  23. We love Season 3 P/Jo bc/ It's Discovering a Journey~Friendship to Love~Snail # 370
  24. Anti-PJ Thread #40: Because even Microsoft admits that 'PJ' is an error.
  25. DC Picture Hunt #1: B/C we need our creek fix every now and then
  26. Soulmates (D/Jo) #359: All things considered, we kind of wish he was taking her too.
  27. DC Hangman #13: Can You Guess It?
  28. DC Cast News: News From DC Posters
  29. We love P/Jo because "the psychic" saw him in her future in Season 2 ~snail # 369
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  34. Dawson's Creek Season Four Appreciation Thread: Her choice changed everything
  35. Dawson's Creek Season Three Appreciation Thread: Its a new year anything could happen
  36. Dawson's Creek Season Two Appreciation Thread: because foliage is good
  37. Dawson's Creek Season One Appreciation Thread: The beginning of everything else
  38. Dawson's Creek Avatars: Dawson in a box, what could be better?
  39. We love season 1 P/J because..."She's the One"~ snail#368
  40. Soulmates (D/Jo) #358: "When I think about you and me together, it's perfect."
  41. Valentine's Day Card
  42. Pinoy DC Thread #68: Did you buy your DVD copies already?
  43. jens baby
  44. *We love P/Jo:B/C she thinks he's intensely passionate ~snail#367*
  45. Soulmates (D/Jo) #357: They will never be over one other. Always drifting back.
  46. Picture Game: What Episode is it?
  47. Anti-D/Jo #29:"And Joey ended up with Pacey, not Dawson. Perfect." ~TV Guide
  48. *We love P/Jo:B/C it felt so right and not just b/c of the dancing lessons~snail#366*
  49. kmart?
  50. Soulmates (D/Jo)356:The rain was pouring, so he grabbed her hand and they ran for it