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  1. Joshua Jackson/Pacey Witter Appreciation #42:Because Pacey can teach us how to "drive stick" any time.
  2. OT2: The holidays cannot stop our love for TV
  3. Soulmates {D/Jo} #393: The day her mom died, he held her hand, & she did the same for him.
  4. OT: To drive or not to drive...that's what we always end up talking about.
  5. Skinny Dippers {DawsonღJen} #17: Because Dawson wanted to be Jen's boy adventure.
  6. Dawson's Creek Word Association #10: Jack - Jen - Friends
  7. The Underdogs [Pacey/Jen] #5: Because she knows his butt!
  8. True Love [Pacey/Joey] #413: Because Love Means Never Walking Away From What You Want The Most.
  9. OT2: Fandom or RL? For us, it's a no brainer.
  10. DC Hangman #23: I'd like to buy a vowel...
  11. Dawson's Creek ABC's #12: 'A'udrey, 'B'essie, 'C'apeside
  12. OT2: We all agree on one thing : share the love!
  13. True Love (Pacey/Joey)#412: "I miss 'True Love' something fierce."
  14. desperately looking for song!
  15. Soulmates {McPhee & Lindley} #4: Because there's nothing not to love!
  16. The Anti-Dawson/Joey Thread #46:We need more than a 'favor' face to by into their notion of soulmates
  17. Soulmates (D/Jo) #392: "Because he didn’t want to close his eyes."
  18. OT2: House, HIMYM, SVU, Glee, Fringe... so many shows, so little time!
  19. The Bitter Barn (Jen&Drue) #6: If we had our way, Season 5 would have been their year
  20. OT Thread: Standardized tests may be lame, but we'll still talk about them. We'll talk about anything!
  21. Drue V./Mark M. Appreciation #4: Drue? A guidance counselor? Okay. We just hope he has a lock on his office door.
  22. Joshua Jackson/Pacey Witter Appreciation #41: B/C No one, and we mean no one, better
  23. True Love {Pacey/Joey} #411: B/C He knew it. She knew it. And neither could deny destiny.
  24. Anti-PJ Thread#57:Cuz he remembers everything...everything that happened in 2 months!
  25. Introductions / Rules / Thread Links: Your Dawson's Creek board guide. [updated August 28, 2011]
  26. Dawson's Creek Multimedia Thread #2 - Post Video Clips and Request Here
  27. M.Williams/J.Lindley #10: Because "the only thing more beautiful than Jen Lindley is the reality behind her magic."
  28. Dawson's Creek Post Counts Thread - Updated Weekly
  29. Song from season 5 episode 22
  30. True Love {Pacey/Joey} #410: "The kiss that saved Dawson's Creek."
  31. Which DC actor changed the most after the show ended?
  32. Dawson's Creek Word Association #9: Long - Fingers - Dawson - DC. It all comes back to DC.
  33. OT2: Because it's fall again and you know what that means...all of our shows are back!!
  34. This or That #4: Boston Bay or Worthington?
  35. Dawson's Creek ABC's #11: 'A'lexander, 'B'oats, 'C'apeside
  36. Soulmates (D/Jo) #391: They showed each other what true happiness is. And what real pain feels like.
  37. The Anti-Dawson/Joey Thread #45: CODA - CO-Dependents Anonymous
  38. The Bitter Barn (Jen&Drue) #5: They were robbed of a chance in S5, but we've made up for it with 5 threads of our love.
  39. True Love {Pacey/Joey} #409: "Two outcasts, more alike than they'd ever admit." - WB Promo
  40. Joshua Jackson/Pacey Witter Appreciation #40: Because blue may be his color, but we prefer our Pacey shirtless.
  41. The Underdogs (Pacey&Jen) #4: Because there was no need for a decoder ring. They understood each other perfectly.
  42. OT (Off Topic) Thread: Titles? Psh. We're too busy talking!!
  43. This quote is driving me crazy
  44. OT2: Fangirl – n. crazy, obsessed fan; v. to squee over all things fandom. Also see fanboy.
  45. Skinny Dippers {DawsonღJen} #16: BC "All I want to do is kiss you and if I don't kiss you soon I'm going to explode."
  46. JVDB/Dawson Leery #17: James is working up a Storm!!
  47. Dawson's Creek Word Association #8: Capeside - Icehouse
  48. 2009 Fan Forum Music Video Awards Winner - Dawson's Creek
  49. True Love {Pacey/Joey} #408: "She's the [only girl in the universe] that I can't live without."
  50. Soulmates {D/Jo} #390: She's a cynic and he's a dreamer, they’re perfect for each other.