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^That makes sense. Here bills are all over the month which sucks.

Guys so Eric came into today and to see me. At first I half expected him to fire me but he wanted to play "lets make a deal" and in the end we compromised so I'll do the hospital full time and a couple of overnights at the gas station. I wanted off of them completely BUT he had a valid point. We have a cruise in April and there's a high chance I won't get my week off from the hospital whereas he told me I can have it. So now the goal is to do them both and in April if the hospital won't work with me I'll probably give em a two week because I've already spent so much on the cruise, hotels and looking at the flights. I would hate to waste all of that money. He also said that if the hospital doesn't work with me that after my cruise or at any time I can have my full time spot back. So he's willing to meet in the middle so I'm going to hold up my end. Who knows this time next year I may be off of em and done with the gas station completely or still doing third . It'll be nice to have the two checks as well.
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