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the comical parts of ep7 really made the ep for me Rue being manic was was really funny Zendaya did such an amazing job playing different characters at once. Detective Rue is the best

I think the reason Jules imagined Nate with herself bc A) she was on drugs, B) she was terrified of the whole situation that if she tells on him she has no future, C) bc she falsely testified and that's a crime, and D) bc she is struggling with her sexuality atm. and I don't think she's leading Rue on. they want different things atm but she truly loves her hence why she saw her at the end of the party scene too. she just needed to get away from all of it bc she's just a teenager and being responsible for someone at that age is horrifying. bc that's what Lexi told her that Rue's doing good bc of HER. so if Nate's blackmailing isn't enough there's that.

I know we mostly see things from Rue's pov and we feel for her the most but she's not the only one suffering they're definitely not right for each other as they are now. Rue is unfair to her too. it's just not fair to stay sober as long as the person you love is with you. it's not supposed to be on them, you have to decide to stop using for yourself.

my fav episode is also the 4th one but 7 is a close 2nd. the rest is hard to rank cause they're all good but yeah I'd say 5 is my least fav too.
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