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I finished yesterday.

I still want to know more about Cassie, her episode wasn't really all that focused on her. Poor girl has been through the ringer and let down by almost everyone. I want to see more of a sisterly bond with her and Lexi for sure as they are my two favorites. Also, McKay sucks. Period.

I honestly didn't enjoy 7 that much, sorry guys. Rue was locked in her room the tire time which I found sort of pointless. i get it was showing her depressive episodes but idk, there wasn't a lot going on.

It was cool to see more of Jules and her previous life but I felt the episode focused a bit too much on her. And there is something about Jules I cannot connect to. She sort of bugs me. Why is she dreaming of kissing Nate? And she leads Rue on.. idk, I'm not a big fan of that.

Fez is great, love him threatening Nate, even if it backfired. I def want to learn more about him next season.

Maddie was not wrong about Kat. I really dont like how shes changing and acting. I used to like her but not really into her anymore.

Nate is the worst but is such an interesting character, so the show is doing a great job. Great acting by Jacob who acted the heck out of that scene with his father.

Ethan is fine, him and Kat are fine but idk, I'm not that into it.

RUE IS FREAKING BADASS. Her and Lexi are freaking cute. I ship them more than I ship Rue and Jules lol. I loved Rue standing up to Nate.

favorite characters are cassie, lexi, rue, and maddie. i also like fez. jules is okay. nate is written really well.

favorite episode was episode 4 at the carnival. Then I would say episode 2 revolving around Nate and assaulting Tyler. After that, I think the pilot was really strong. After that i think episodes 6 and 8 were great, then I would say 3, 7 and 5 were the weakest but i still enjoyed them.

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