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Originally Posted by In My Blood (View Post)
Can’t believe we’re almost at that 200th thread!

We’re gonna celebrate, right?

Yes we are! I am working on the OP for 200! I am like 85% done with it.

Originally Posted by Nikki K (View Post)
Tia – I guess I understand where you are coming from. I have never really been into superhero shows or Superman – never watched any of the other shows, admittedly I may have read the occasional comic when I looked for some for other people but that's really all. So yes what I wanted to say is, even from watching Smallville alone it seems odd – Clark/Superman without powers because despite his constant fight with his Kryptonian side and Jor-El, it was something that belonged to him and he learnt to make his own over the seasons. The leaving the partner behind theme – I guess that's something that is not exclusive to this situation but has been a theme on other series/movies as well, it's still sad nonetheless. But yes like you said... I guess with this glimpse they gave us in the Arrowverse, Clark giving up his powers (permanently or temporarily), that does make Lois special.

I think all in all, I preferred Lois and Clark to be a team – like yes those scenes when she didn't know he was The Blur and the phone calls were sweet and all but overall my favourite parts were when they were investigating things together... or even that episode that was kind of terrible where Lois created her own superheroine persona and then ended up rescuing Clark and Jimmy. (I also, and I'm fully aware that I'm surely in a minority here, loved the interactions between the Lane sisters and was so happy when they finally talked things out and made up in season 10.)
I think that's what it is for me is that these are the powers he were born with an throughout the whole series run although initally he didn't like his powers because it made him feel like an outsider and he had to lie to all of his friends, he grew up pass that! He finally moved on and accepted the man he is with the powers and got the love of his life in Lois, with the powers. And he ended up fufilling his destiny and making everyone proud. So for me these powers are always a part of him and that's how I want it to remain forever. Clark never needed to give up his powers to be with Lois... if anything I'd see more of Human Clark with Lana because that was really the only time they were truly happy. But for Lois, she accepted every single part of him and was his perfect earth ally in every single way. So, I am just hoping it's a temp thing with his powers for he can raise his kids in a normal way without having to worry about the burden of the world.

Yeah I did not like Lucy Lane.
I wanted to see more with Clark, Jimmy and Lois!
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