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Off Topic #34: A new decade is upon us so let’s talk!

Originally Posted by dorkalot (View Post)
No plans for me. I do get off early tomorrow, which I'm excited about. Then I'm off till Friday. Since I was sick all last week, this week will be full o doing stuff, like cleaning and organizing that I didn't do last week.

I would like to say that Mystery Bags are awesome!!! I splurged and bought a Mystery Bag from The Happy Planner. Ever since I kept thinking about how knowing my luck, I'll get it and I'll have everything in it. Well, it arrived today and it was filled with so much stuff, I had been considering ordering!!!!! It even had stuff in it that I kept saying I needed all day at work today! I love when the universe is kind like that!
Glad you’re feeling better

I need a new 2020 planner, I just put everything on my phone calendar.
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