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yea, do you not agree?

I feel the same about Quinn. honestly, I don't really find any of TBR's love interests very interesting. besides Tracy and Victoria in season one. Nora was a little too perfect but she did help Barney realize what he wanted and help him grow a bit. Quinn was kinda of a caricature of a stripper but she did help Barney realize that he wanted things he thought he didn't before but I didn't find her very interesting at all and she was a bit obnoxious and Barney was more obnoxious when with her. I feel like we got to know Nora and bit more than we did Quinn too and why Barney wanted to be with her (Nora.) Kevin more than Nick helped Robin realize she was ready for things she thought she didn't want and also helped her grow and realize what she was looking for. Nick was kind of a placeholder but he did help Robin realize what she didn't want. Zoey and Stella I think helped Ted grow a lot and learn how to become better for the girl he married.
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