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I just found him to be so cheesey and ridiculous and his episode was my least favorite so I'm not that thrilled to see him back or have more of him around.

I watched the episode finally. Decent episode but not my favorite. I sort of enjoyed the Christmas theme but considering for them its October I found it a bit odd.

Rafael’s parents are alive? Glad to get more of his backstory but it was sort of boring and I hope its not a one episode thing like they did with MG. They need to really build a storyline there to get me to care.

Its annoying how the show is trying to make us feel bad for Clarke but I do kinda like them working together and being in scenes. They have a decent chemistry.

Upbeat josie was funny and same with Alaric and Dorian. Glad to see Alaric back as headmaster! Crampus was a bit lame to me.

Cannot believe Landon is already back at the school. LAMEEEEEEE. Not happy with him and Hope back together but I'm hoping it means they will break up this season. With that said I am mighty glad that Landon and Josie are done and I really hope they never revisit that again lol.

Lizzie/Sebastian were fun to watch but I'm not really sure where those two can go and how the writers can keep it interesting.

Lizzie/Landon sharing scenes is my favoriteeee.

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