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Originally Posted by Alexa (View Post)

The Necromancer under the hood is a shock and imo strange. I just dont feel like it fits at all, but I guess we'll find out how it ties together.
Its because we were tricked. Team Hope was treating him like comedy relief when he is actually one of the most powerful Supernatural creatures I've seen and smart too.

When I think of him I think of the time Alaric hit him with a shovel or his petulant rants but he is smart and sneaky and deadly.

He knows to do recon and emotional manipulation sending Jo in. He raised an undead force to attack Hope. He knew to decoy everybody while he secured the Malivore key, The supernaturals he raises and control have access to their powers. He was smart enough to interrogate a ghost to learn about Malivore.

As the cloak he hangs out in a cemetery. raised a zombie, used a zombie eye to spy on the school.

All in All he is he was just proud of his work and he has shown enough to show he has skill.

Also realized two things.
1. That was why the Sphynx killed itself the Necromancer could just bring him back.

2. He is planning to bring Clarke back.

He has the Clarke's body.
While he dropped Clarke's head to close Malivore rift but remember that was the SimuLandon body Clarke's consciousness was in the artifact in the chest. The Artifact that was used to create the body in the first place.
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