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Haven't seen it yet but i read about it and it seems like it'll be a good episode. Ill post more detailed thoughts after I watch tomorrow.

The Necromancer under the hood is a shock and imo strange. I just dont feel like it fits at all, but I guess we'll find out how it ties together.

Glad that Rafael is seemingly getting his own storyline.

Landon back already is super duper lame to me, they could have waited at least 3 episodes before putting Handon back together. Don't get me wrong, I dont like Landon/Josie at all and I am glad he broke it off, and if I had to pick between the two Id rather have Handon but like... they are SO rushed. They are just like Stelena use to be, I'm sorry, but no. Its boring AF. I want more angst. I was actually enjoying them when they that had. But hey, maybe that means they will break up at the end of this season or early next. I can dream.

Lizzie/Landon friendship is everything.

Personally i love Sebastian. He gives me Damon vibes and Im here for it. I love him and Lizzie together, however, again, i dont like rushed stuff. Yes they kissed already but I was hoping they would have taken a bit more time with those two. Regardless, I like them. Sebastian can be toned down a tad though, sometimes he just comes off like hes trying to be seductive TOO much.

Again, what is the point of the siblings? lol
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