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I thought this would be a Christmas episode one that wouldn't do anything for the plot but it was Huge for plot.

Malivore closed now? Handon is back and big reveal

Episode: That said I wasn't too emotionally invested in it. I was kinda looking for MG. I saw a con panel that the writers wanted to do a Christmas episode and have MG horrified that his friends were talking about killing Santa.

I am also disappointed with Handon. Don't get me wrong I am a Handon fan and want Hope to be Happy but Landon didn't even leave it was barely a roadtrip.

Lizzie: I don't know why but I like Lizzie driving. Disliked her travelbuddy though.

Lizzie has been awesome this season but I don't like her and Sebastian. While they were together with Sebastian's seduction.

I was like: No Lizzie you are too good for this. You won't fall for this. Have some standards woman...Okay why doesn't the car burst in flames as Landon resurrects.

Lizzie was awesome in every episode up to that point oh well.

I suspected it was the Necromancer based on powers but the personality was too sneaky I thought if he ever came back he would announce it around town.
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