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Amelia, I love how we both have unusual picks for scenes which made us Bellarke trash. For most, it's 1X09 but it's 4X06 for you and 1X10 for me.

Originally Posted by IamZara (View Post)
Honestly, I'm not sure Bob or Eliza even believe that Bellarke is purely platonic. I am convinced that JRoth has put a ban on Bob and Eliza on speaking positively about Bellarke or in any way that would imply more than friendship. The optimistic in me would like to think it's because Bellarke is endgame and he wants to be the one to say "I told you so, we had a plan". But the realist in me is kind of getting ready for an (unfortunate) Becho endgame.
I'm not sure if it's a ban per say, but they're definitely cautious/reluctant when they talk about Bellarke ... how much is their personal feelings about the ship is one, but I do believe that Jason has a significant influence over it as well. I am also ready for a Becho endgame, even though it's infuriating for me to think that he'll be stuck with her, of all people.

Originally Posted by loppabelle (View Post)
I feel like it’s almost a disservice to Bob abd Eliza to claim that relationship is platonic. As Sarah said, those are not friendship type looks. This is not some one time thing that we Bellarkers could “misinterpret”. (Shoot me). We can pick out numerous looks over the years. Bob and Eliza are more than capable actors to sell it as friendship if that’s what it calls for. My closest friend in life is male and I’d slap the bejesus out of him if he looked at me that way.

4x06 Bellarke slaps. That relieved smile does things to me.
Agreed, Sharon ... which is why I believe that Bob was upset over Jason's interview after the finale. Bob and Eliza are incredible actors as we know, and if they were TOLD to play Bellarke platonically, it would have come across that way. But it simply isn't, so I can see how it'd be frustrating for the actors to be told ONE THING and then for the showrunner to say something completely different in interviews.
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