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I usually make all my cards find it very relaxing & therapeutic. Plus prefer them to cards you buy. Its impossible to find nice ones & they can be more unique not sending the same Christmas cards year after year... which reminds me I have a few cards I've made recently that I should add into my art thread. But that's a job for tomorrow as I need to go to bed

If it makes any of you feel better, Monday is pretty much over for me. Wasn't too bad so hope it'll be the same for all of you

Next two days at work we get to be watched by some department representative/assessor . Checking up on us to make sure we're doing the right thing & going to grade us on how good our centre is... been very stressful atmosphere at work, hopefully that'll relax slightly or not be too bad for these two days. Then after hopefully gone completely
My part of the stress: trying to find & compile a collection of policies & procedures & then make sure we've got hard copies of them at the service. There are way too many policies & procedures at my organisation to try search through finding the right ones . Plus I had a day to do it, ended up doing it this afternoon at home as there's no time at work to do it. Spent my lunch break doing it, so felt unrested when I went back on the floor. Know I've got a whole bunch to do when I get into work before my shift starts & before the assessor person gets there *sigh*
you are so bright, shining above all the city lights, you
know it's right when all of the stars in the sky align, if
you and I, we are together as one tonight, i'm with you
sending out love to the world
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