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Originally Posted by TomsEnough (View Post)
^ Are there any rules on what the campaign thread should include?
There are no "set" rules but it would help to maintain a list of members in the OP that you can send a PM to, whenever there's a poll, to remind them to vote. If you think you can do away with the list and still keep the campaign thread active and be able to get enough votes for the poll, that's fine as well. The only thing that we ask is for campaigning to be exclusive to this board so if you're campaigning for an actor/actress, musician, TV show (etc) that have related boards here, you're free to direct them to the campaign thread on this board and it's not allowed that you open a campaign thread on that related board. For example, if you're campaigning for Backstreet Boys, there's a related BSB thread on the Music board. No campaigning is allowed there but you can direct posters there to the campaign thread on this board instead. I hope that clears it up for you.

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