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I've often lamented that Starship Troopers was given a crappy treatment by Paul Verhoeven, Sarah. I've always wished I could've done it and done it better, making it closer to Heinlein's novel as well as incorporating elements of other Heinlein novels like Space Cadet. It could've been an antidote to the Star Trek/Star Wars monotony and been set in a future mythology similar to Alien, Aliens, and Blade Runner. I'd have gotten Ridley Scott to direct it because sum1 doesn't like my first choice... James Cameron.

I found those on Google images, sum1. They're from Pinterest. I just typed "space cruisers" and all kinds of stuff came up. Some of the concept art and designs for space warships were so beautiful I wanted to cry.

These ones are so big I had to put them in spoiler tags:

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