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You have school anyway.

Originally Posted by elherts (View Post)
Yes. I'm still super close with his family. They are all in Aruba right now, they go every year and always invite me. I never have the $$.

It's supposed to be 30 here tonight. Playoff games begin tonight for states. Its going to be freezing. We are all hysterical laughing because my mom never goes to any outdoor events if it's below like 60. But she's coming tonight because she knows it could be his last game ever. My dad is putting her in a snowsuit. lol
Hahaha! I love that she’s going! The things grandmas dofor their babies... I would need a snowsuit too!

Miscarriages are just a taboo subject. I wish it wasn’t. I feel,like it’s a silent suffer and more people need to know it’s not just them.

Lornette, I’m sorry work is stressful! Please don’t make yourself sick.
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