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Chipmunks are a nuisance.

9-11 sucks. So sorry you lost your friend. Is he the one that y’all go out to remember on 9-11?

4:30 is too early for it to be dark. Yuck! My cousin’s wife is in England right now. She goes once a year to visit her family. I want to sew! I need to move my table and machine upstairs to my room. I think I’d use it more than where it is now.

Y’all know I love Jimmy... but what the heck is he wearing?!? The pics of him in all black “cowboy” gear... Austin is NOT Ft.Worth. And you look like a Hollywood caricature of a cowboy. Failon fail.

I think he should have had Taylor on! Chip and Jojo are Waco and Baylor... not Austin or UT. And I LOVE Chip and Jojo.

It was 64 this morning and 48 by the time I picked up OM. She didn’t take a jacket and was freezing! We came home and made hot chocolate and watched Frozen.
"You have a unique fingerprint that no one else has, so you can leave a unique imprint no one else can."

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