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Oh gosh. Now I'm interested in going to check that out.
Originally Posted by worthyoflove (View Post)
If you make it up to about mid-Michigan and north they have two sets of mailboxes, one set at the regular height for summer and then another about five/six feet high for the winter.
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I feel like these are just as important, they are deciding some big things. One of the props was regarding income tax, which we do not have a state income tax in Texas. I can't imagine a day when we would...We also had a prop to allow retired K9 dogs to be adopted by their handler. Apparently, right now, they cannot be. Those puppies spend most of their life with these people. I would hate for them to be separated.

I had a client earlier today, she was so sweet. I'm working the kinks out of my process. She's a local blogger and is going to post about her session!! I am so excited!!

I have another client right now...they are late. Not a good start. I hate late.
We don't have any state income tax either! But they are wanting to change it to 30$ for the yearly car tabs, BUT that may get thrown's been thrown out a few times. If It does change then they wanna Tax people to make up for it. =/ Crazy if you ask me, almost as that charge by mile thing.

Awh no I think K9's should get to go to their handlers home when they are retired.. I hate to think of what happens if they can't adjust to a new handler or after their retirement. Heard some pretty bad horror stories.

That should get the word out and give ya some good Feedback, thus drawing in more attention hopefully! but aggravating about the late client!
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