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Originally Posted by PhoenixRising (View Post)
You're welcome, dragonfire. I hope Lauren likes the title.

I got your PM, dragonfire. Thanks! Is that from the next episode? I'm guessing, because Halloween is Thursday.

Nana Rose is creeping me out with that stuff. But Cheryl is really a nutcase. I can't believe that Toni hasn't figured this out yet. So you think there might be another Blossom?

If Archie wants to be a vigilante he needs a better costume. What, is he trying to fit in with the rest of the Arrowverse? A baseball bat? Really?

Well, Lodge is Hiram's real name in the comics, but the show changed things due to the casting, you know? Hiram and Hermione are Hispanic on this show, and Lodge isn't an Hispanic name. This was mostly due to the producers casting for... well, CW reasons. This is why I miss the WB. They didn't cast with an agenda, they just cast the roles according to how they were written.
I think she will. No problem. Yes, it's from the next episode. Oh, wait until you see Archie's Halloween costume. Ok. Now as for another Blossom?
Julian Blossom: Cheryl and Jason's older triplet brother who was taken away at birth by cultists.
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