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Lately, there was a difficult group of missions for Rachel at "The Shed" because it was related to Peyton. She was frustrated that the former head of the Shed wouldn't reveal the location to her. Therefore, Rachel tried to acquire intel on the secret meeting to discover more about the CIA mission that represented a secret that they needed to uncover why Vaughn had failed. When Peyton arrived at the meeting with Gordon, Rachel was trying to get to their passwords to see if there were any hints about the rest of the plan. However, once she decided she needed to soften the impact of the attack on Gordon, she prepared a sneakier way for her to get some intel. She was climbing the roof of Gordon's house when her phone rang. It was almost too close to the room for her to hide that noise, but someone knocked on Gordon's face slamming him into the other wall. Once he stopped to handcuff himself to the attacker, he noticed his hand being stupid and couldn't stop the second one from doing harm too. This enabled Rachel to grab the intel that she had needed all the time. Once she got to read the files
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