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Lornette does pop in, I think busy with work but she did join us for some of the rewatch last week and said she'd be here this week.

I'm not even sure I finished the last season of Community. When some of the main characters left it just wasn't the same and it did get kind of...weird. I still love those first seasons though, they're so good. Parks and Rec gets better as it goes along for sure.

I too burned candles today! Not the fall ones but candles all the same. I love the Havana scent from Bath and Body Works. But it was actually really beautiful here today, high 60's and sunny. I opened all the windows to get some fresh/not humid air in the house and did a ton of cleaning.

I finished The Five and really liked it, I forgot that Harlan Coban's books and his other series on Netflix, Safe, are so all over the place...not necessarily in a bad way, but that there's just a lot of stuff going on aside from the main plot points. Just so much happens in a short 10 episodes.

I guess I'm on a BBC kick because I started Retribution on Netflix next, mostly because the father of the girl caught my attention because he was in The Fall, and then I couldn't place one of the male characters until I realized it was Gendry from Game of Thrones. He's kind of cute actually.
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