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I think I'm all caught up. I've just been reading the other thread.

Well, no surprise but the weather here has been pretty rubbish for a few weeks now. It feels like it has rained constantly for about a month! It rained almost the entire time we were in liverpool last weekend. It was still a good weekend, good to see everyone. Some of those girls I've known since I was 3!

The Five is good. I watched it when it first came out a few years ago. Yeah Luke, June's husband, is in it. He's British.

I've never seen a single episode of Downton Abbey. It's just not my thing.

I finished watching Community earlier this week. The last season wasn't great. . . And I was totally disappointed with the ending! I still loved it on the whole though.

I started Watching Parks and Rec today. I watched a few episodes last year and gave up, but I know it will be worth sticking with! I'm also still going with 13 Reasons and am totally looking forward to Riverdale coming back next week!

I've not heard of the Masked Singer, but it sounds intriguing.

Sorry I've been away for so long. It's just pretty difficult being a Taylor fan based in the UK! Seriously though, I have been pretty busy, but I've missed you girls!

Is Lornette still about?
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