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Originally Posted by worthyoflove (View Post)
Thanks for the new thread!

I go to Trader Joe's at least once a week and that's Griswold's fault, because he's obsessed with their dried chicken breast treats, he could probably go through an entire pack a night if I let him. He has no idea how spoiled he is. I also usually buy my weekly fresh flowers there, they're cheaper than Whole Foods or Kroger's flowers. I don't usually buy produce or fresh meat from Trader Joe's I find it to be kind of over priced, unless it's like chicken sausage, they have a great apple chicken sausage that I like. I mostly am there for their seasonal items, sometimes their cheese, snacks and frozen items. You'd like it, they have a lot of gluten free items.

I honestly couldn't even tell you which sauce I prefer because while I know there are a few that I like, I've been there so few times that I just don't know what it I always ask for multiple sauces. I don't eat fast food a ton, but when I do, if I have to choose I'm going burger and I'm going with Culver's, they're my favorite. But my favorite burger is an olive burger that the bar in my small little beach town up north has. It is so messy and so delicious.

That'll be a fun day trip! And a train trip even more fun.

90 today 60's tomorrow, I'm wearing my first sweater of the fall and I'm excited. Though I have no idea what my office is going to feel like, they turn the heat on as of October 1st so I probably shouldn't wear a sweater...I'm going to be sweating all day.

I've floated the idea of an early December trip to Austin to a few friends...this has been unsuccessful in the past but we'll see if any of them bite this time.
Yes! Do that!! Maybe you'll be asking early enough that no one is overwhelmed with the idea of the holidays yet.
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