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Confession time... I've never been in a Trader Joe's. I know. I know. I've seen them, driven past them, read about them... even have the book about them... never been inside. I'm pretty sure they have one or two in ATX. I'll have to see. A friend posted all the pumpkin things the other day and it did look fantastic.

Chick-fil-a AKA Jesus Chicken is quite the food of the people here in the Bible belt. I love their spicy chicken sandwich, chicken biscuits, and chicken minis. Not a fan of the grilled chicken items, although, they are gluten-free and that was a big deal when I ate GF. I still didn't like them, but it was FF I could partake in. The minions like the Polynesian sauce. The chick fil a sauce is a trash panda. Sorry if that's your fav A.

OM's math professor is taking the class on a field trip Thursday to the museum of art located on campus. He asked them to invite friends and family. So, Baby Minion and I are going! We can hang out at the museum while she does her other classes and then we can all take the train home. Baby M hasn't been on the train yet. A new adventure for him!

Also discussing fall, mums, movies, and the weird weather... I mean nothing says fall like 94!
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