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From the previous thread:

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we could use a few votes to break the tie
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Can we please have some more votes, please!
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We are Celebrating 250,000 Posts on the Joshua Jackson Board

Graphic by Si Crazy

We are celebrating our milestone with a little Contest for all members

Below are a series of Questions about Josh and we invite you to participate. For all members who participate, you will receive 5 Posts by one of our Moderators to the Board of your choosing. For all those who answer the questions correctly, your names will be entered into a draw and the winner will receive 15 POSTS for the Board of your Choosing. Here is chance for you all to visit our Board and get posts for your favourite Board in the process.


Joshua Jackson 250,000 Post Celebration Thread

- How Tall is Josh?
- How Many Movies did Josh star in with James Marsden?
- What is the Name of the Movie that Josh voiced a character?
- When asked, where does Josh say he is from?
- Name two of Josh's co-stars that he dated in real life?

(and it must be fact, not rumour - and yes there are more than two)

Graphic by JJH85

"My name. Just my name, like a whisper. So I took it, clicked it, this tiny ball of light appeared.
And I knew … sure enough it flew towards me, ball of light. Right into my chest.
Straight through me. Right here, I knew that it was gonna take me where I needed to go."

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