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Tour Guide #39 - Celebrations & Events on Fan Forum Boards (Complete Board List in Second Post)

Welcome to the Fan Forum Board Celebrations Thread

Fan Forum is a great, friendly community that offers
the best in entertainment news and discussions in a wide variety of boards.
Come see what boards Fan Forum has to offer and their latest celebrations.

If your board has a celebration or event that you'd like to promote our members,
please post a link to it in this thread. Events will be left up for a month
and be shared at our social networking sites at the discretion of the Communications Team.

Celebrations: Anniversaries & Milestones
  • September 20th - Joshua Jackson - Celebrating 250,000 posts!
  • September 26th - Zendaya - Celebrating 10,000 posts!
  • September 29th - Tom Holland - Celebrating 10,000 posts!

  • October 1st - Queer as Folk - Celebrating 650,000 posts!
  • October 2nd - Runaways - Celebrating 25,000 posts!
  • October 5th - Emilie de Ravin - Celebrating 175,000 posts!
  • October 10th - Fan Art - Celebrating 19 years at !

Events: Art contests, birthday projects, posting contests, rewatch parties, survivor games

Special thanks to Jen/Scythe for creating the banner.

Note: This thread should be restarted by an Info Center Moderator. Thanks.

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