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Reggie how are you? We didn't get any of the rain from Dorian, but some of the wind, here.

Being older, & then disabled, & then a woman, will move me to near the top of the list for housing they're looking for. Also, for those reasons, they will find a safe area.

Thanks for all you guys' support and concern. I was sooo terrified, and you guys helped.
"Older"? Ummm. Well, a gentleman never asks a woman's age... but I turned 60 a month ago. I'm sorry I can't do more for you than cheering you on, but I'm still stuck here recovering. Some progress, though:

My sore, is no more. My hole is whole! My wound is healed!
So now I'm proceeding to get a power chair, and Therapy has promised me they'll get me on a leg-press machine to start strengthening me legs. But my legs need to be strong enough to stand up so I can transfer to the leg machine. So... bit of a problem.
The Hoyer lift's legs don't fit under the machine, but they've got something in mind. We'll see.

(A Hoyer lift is like an engine lift, at a garage. There are two horizontal legs, with castors, that stick out the front. There is also a boom above, with a hydraulic lifting mechanism. Patient goes in a sling, lift's legs go under the bed and the boom way over the bed. The sling gets hooked to the end of the boom, the boom is lifted, and off we go! The passenger is positioned over the wheelchair, or wherever they're going, the boom is lowered, and the patient is deposited at their destination. )
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