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Indy thanks for the new thread, and great job!

How's things going up there? Are you going to be doing more concerts? How is dad and the how are the babies?

Cuddles how did Joey do Sunday? And don't say, "only" 5th or something, cause you know that's great. How's Winter?

Reggie how are you? We didn't get any of the rain from Dorian, but some of the wind, here.

Dawnie isn't coming this way in the South either. I hope they're having a blast.

So, I still have the Agency on Aging working to find me an independent living place. I'm hoping I'll be able to get a little there.

Being older, & then disabled, & then a woman, will move me to near the top of the list for housing they're looking for. Also, for those reasons, they will find a safe area.

Here they are now taking every penny of my disability, plus have applied for more monthly money from social security, so they can get paid that, too. I'll get $66 a month then, but then I have to pay for my medications out of that. I will be getting $30-$45 a month to live on. However, I can breathe now, knowing I'm in a stable place, until I can find a stable, low income, place of my own.

Thanks for all you guys' support and concern. I was sooo terrified, and you guys helped.

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