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RCC #58 We're Falling Into Winter At The Pool

Welcome to the Royal Cabana Club! Official home of the Sockless Pool Crew!

The Podsters may have taken to the highway, but our loyal staff...The Royal Cabana Boys (RCBs)--Max, Mikey, Alex, and Kyle--are still here at our beck and call. Need a massage, tanning oil, a drink or just some downtime in the toolshed, just ask and they will come. Royal Cabana Girl (RCG) Iz and Thugged Out Skinny Dipping (TSOD) Liz are also at your service.

Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions about Roswell--the storylines, the chads, tiic, or whatever else catches your interest.

We have few rules here:

1. First and foremost, divest yourself of your socks! Feel free to throw them at your screen just no skinny-dipping in them please.

2. Remember that everyone has a right to their opinions, please respect them even if you don't agree.

And now, The Royal Cabana Crew ~

RCB Max.

RCG TOSD Liz ~ shake that groove thang.

RCB Kyle, don’t stop there, lose that shirt.

RCB Alex ~ No, he ain't dead!
Snark away, Poolies

And because you can't have a pool club without a pirate, LOL

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