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Justin Taylor/Randy Harrison #20: b/c we want to see him frolicking!

Welcome to Justin Taylor/Randy Harrison Appreciation Thread

Justin Taylor/Randy Harrison #19 - b/c he's our midsummer night dream
Justin Taylor/Randy Harrison #18 - delurking for fans is your mission!
Justin/Randy Harrison #13 - Because you never know where someone's head's gonna be!
Justin Taylor/Randy Harrison#12- Because he likes to shoot squirrels in his free time
Justin Taylor/RandyHarrison#11- Beacuse he secretly fanboys The OC!
Justin Taylor/Randy Harrison #10 - You are my sunshine, my only sunshine!
Justin Taylor/Randy Harrison#9: Cause Blondes really do have more fun
Justin Taylor/Randy Harrison #8- They don't call him 'sunshine' for nothin!

Pics of the Moment

Justin throughout the seasons

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Reasons we love him:

*The eyes that you could drown in.
*He's got the greatest bubble butt.
*He looks hot in glasses.
*Our favorite artist.
*He looks great with a mohawk
*He's a romantic
*He's not afraid to admit that he's an effeminate male
*He's a great dancer
*He's musically talented as well
*His sunshine smile!
*Because he's a "...Top...and bottom."
*Because he likes to play Tomb Raider.
*He's blond.
*His lips.
*He thinks Mobys hott.
*He's the guy Brian f***ed more than once.
*He can be demanding when he needs too be.
*He can cook.
*His former nipple ring
*Because he's a smart cookie...1500 on his SATs
*Because he's relentless
*Because he writes fan letters too!
*Because he's nice to his fans
*Because he has great taste in music
*Because he can be bald and still look hot

Randy/Justin Fans

+Brian Kinney's Muffin O'Love
+~ Liz ~
+ WickedSunshine
+Whiskey Girl

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