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Originally Posted by ChristinaL80 (View Post)
I must agree.

Especially dumping Pacey for him. But I think Joey chose Eddie because she knew it wouldn't last and she wasn't risking her heart like with Pacey.
Pretty much, he was the safe choice cause he couldn't hurt her like her intense love for Pacey could. When Pacey broke up with her, it pretty much devastated Joey so she took the easy way out and ran so she wouldn't possibly get hurt again. With Pacey, she felt things she's never felt before and that made her scared to take the plunge in S3 as well. To be honest, I literally don't remember anything about Eddie. I haven't watched S5 and 6 in years cause I thought both seasons sucked (except for the S6 episodes where P/J reunited of course) He was such a nonentity to me (and Joey) The first four seasons are the seasons I remember the most. The last two suck IMO.
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