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At least the copy paste responses are at least responding. But yes, a bit lazy

That sucks it affecting you like that I hope that you are able to find a way to continue with at least something you enjoy even with the stress

Maybe work for the company with your brother while looking for something else which is more in line with what you actually want to do? It at least is a backup option to give you something. Also more experience which may make you look good & help with finding a job?

Rambling is fine

My week was good. Not ready for it to be over or to go back to work tomorrow though. But doesn't help that I don't want to work there anymore
The wedding was good & I actually enjoyed it in a way which is something . It was nice spending time with family during the week. Especially when I don't get that as I don't have family around where I live. Its so wonderful seeing how happy my cousin is too I'm so happy for them
One of my cousins caught the garter & my sister caught the bouquet so it was a little funny that the cousins caught them. I ended up with the bouquet though as we didn't think it'd survive the long trip home to my parents place (where my sister still lives). We weren't even sure how it'd go getting to my place but its not looking too sad
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