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Originally Posted by April7739 (View Post)
My main priority is honestly Bellamy not ending up with Echo. A popular, beloved character deserves a popular, beloved ship.
Completely agree. Even many Becho fans are not happy with season 6 Becho. How could they be? The writing was terrible. Bellamy's mind and heart ultimately was on two people: Clarke and Octavia. Echo was a distant third and a case can be made she wasn't even third. If Jason wants people on board with Becho he's not doing a good job of making us see why they should be together. I am beginning to think he just threw them together because he likes Tasya and in his mind, it gives him a good enough reason not to kill off Echo. I have no idea. I just know that putting Bellarke aside for a second... if you are a fan of Bellamy... there's 16 episodes left of the series and he's romantically linked to someone most people still aren't convinced he should be with long term. Clarke, she's free and single. If Bellarke doesn't happen romantically, I'd love for Clarke to end the series happy, single, a mother, with lots of friends. When I think of Bellamy... his romantic life is not settled in the least (and he could end up with someone we haven't been convinced he should be with). It is concerning.
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