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Kallor, not to worry , sorry if I implied that before but that was not my intention ... and I probably should have said a Rant thread instead. We have one on the Bob board, but not here. It’s really not that bad but we generally prefer not to talk about Kim and her usually anti Bellarke comments in the thread. But also, I don’t want anyone to feel like they can’t talk about it here either so if you would like to discuss it here, I am okay to.

April. I know right? The last few episodes did a number on me, I really swung from pretty positive to pessimistic again. I’m just frustrated by the scenes showing us one thing and TPTB telling us we are misinterpreting scenes.

And your students know you so well by now. I keep my fandom stuff pretty much to myself since my sister doesn’t ship on the show. #sad
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