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Originally Posted by Auror (View Post)
^ Nice thoughts, Sarah. Completely agree. Logic is probably not in the cards, sadly. Like you said, he will do what he wants regardless.

I mean, you read this very old quote:

He literally said romantic Bellarke will happen. He said it a long time ago of course (and has since mentioned the platonic soulmates BS) but he still said it. Does he remember this? Is it still in play and he refuses to go there until the very end? Who knows.

Either way... it is refreshing to ship a pairing in Bellarke that have the most intense, intimately connected, beautiful, special, magical scenes of the entire series. No matter what happens, we will always have these moments with this beautiful pairing.
Thanks, Michelle. Glad that you enjoyed reading that, honestly it was cathartic for me to write it too.

I don’t think that he confirmed there that romantic Bellarke would most definitely happen (the words he used were “if it makes sense”, I’m sure that is his caveat ) but he definitely hinted strongly towards it, I agree. But yeah, that was so long ago and who even knows if he has changed his mind or intends to follow through on what he said there.

I know that I’m going to be so angry if Bellarke doesn’t become canon by the finale but I keep trying to remind myself of that fact, that we were blessed to get this beautiful and deep relationship between Bellamy and Clarke regardless of how it ends.

It would honestly be so much easier and less painful to ship the canon ships (Becho comes to mind) ... so it’s really not a matter of shippers being stubborn and just wanting a typical male/female pairing on the show, I feel like we get accused of that all the time and it’s unfair.

Also, just wanted to add, it’s just nice to have discussions in here instead of just posting quotes and stuff. So, I hope that continues even as we enter the dreaded hiatus period.

I don’t even want to think of either/both of them dying but if it has to happen, I agree with this:

you think you can k i l l me?
have at it.
you're a f i g h t e r, Clarke
... now, get up and f i g h t.

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