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Originally Posted by beloved of the sky (View Post)
I bought a new tv. I’ve had a 42 inch plasma for a decade so I just changed it for a 55 inch UHD 4K high definition. Hope it’s not too big for my living room distance from my couch

There is an airshow this weekend here and I live close to it so I might be able to see the planes from my balcony. The bad news is the planes soar overhead and are so loud, it’s terrifying my cat plus is sensory overload for noise for me. have to hear it til Sunday!
Can I watch Netflix there? I love airshows! I can imagine it must be stressful for the cat hearing the loud noises. I'm not sure what to do yet because it's been raining here so probably just within the city as we can't really travel out of town in this weather.

Originally Posted by Walk the line (View Post)
I am not a fan of heat but I don't much like rain either but if it's not over 30 C then I'm okay.
That's pretty decent. I'd love to get lower temps like that here for the summer which is of course impossible.

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