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TFTNT! (I would love for that gifset to be in the OP, btw! It’s stunning.)

This line you chose for the thread title is the perfect example of a line that just simply should not be in the show if they don’t want us to interpret it a certain way.

Originally Posted by Damocles (View Post)
I forgot to add yesterday, when reading what Steph wrote about her husband and Bellarke...I (yesterday) asked three different dudes/manboys in my life about what they think about Bellamy and Clarke, casually. Please note I do not speak to these people about shipping, ever All three of them said it's 'obvious' that that's where they're going with these two, or that they are at least setting it up. One of them said it was super obvious when they came back from space, last year.

So make of that what you will, whether it's something or nothing
Nope, it’s not nothing, Lisa. I’ve had so many conversations like this with strangers, actually. They see my shirt (I usually wear Bellarke or Bellamy shirts), tell me they love the show, and then say they just want Bellamy and Clarke to finally get together.

Selina’s review was great. I loved what she wrote about Bellarke, and her long section on Clarke perfectly expresses why Bellarke is so important for Clarke as a character. And her section about Echo was interesting, too, as she basically expanded on what we’ve been saying here.

Heather has not posted her review yet, right?
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