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Originally Posted by Damocles (View Post)
I forgot to add yesterday, when reading what Steph wrote about her husband and Bellarke...I (yesterday) asked three different dudes/manboys in my life about what they think about Bellamy and Clarke, casually. Please note I do not speak to these people about shipping, ever All three of them said it's 'obvious' that that's where they're going with these two, or that they are at least setting it up. One of them said it was super obvious when they came back from space, last year.

So make of that what you will, whether it's something or nothing
Seriously, when people think it that are just casual viewers, I’m just like come ooooon. It really threw my husband off learning what Jason says about them too. In my mind, whether they put them together on the show or not, they’ll end up together after the show.
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