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Originally Posted by ElleBelle (View Post)
GG wasn't too scandalous
But they advertised that way

As if it wasn't enough obvious, this article says that it's a continuation so no original characters nor the same but played by other actors.

Of course they contacted them, though. I think that if they offer them enough money they could make an appearance in a couple of scenes. I can see more people like Blake, Leighton and Chace doing it, rather than Penn (who wasn't very nice in talking about the show when it ended, was he?), Ed or even Taylor. No idea about Jessica.

By the way Nate should be NYC Mayor even - was he just a candidate, in the last episode? Or elected already? I don't remember lmao

I KNOW I'll watch this, even though I really disliked the way it ended or the way the things went after season 3 till the end.
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